Corporations can be created by a player for $500,000 Credits.

Players within the same Corporation become allied to each other and can safely repair one another and see each other on the map.



Ranks dictate a players set of abilities, and standing, within a Corporation.

Higher ranks have all the same abilites as ranks lower than them plus all the powers and abilites that come with being a higher rank.


Newly recruited players will start out at this rank.


  • Can't use or read Alliance Chat
  • Can't see other corp members or allies on map



  • Can read and use Alliance Chat
  • Can see Allies and Corp members on the map



  • Can use the recruit command to invite other players into the Corporation
  • Can promote players up to the rank of Officer
  • Can demote members to recruits
  • Can kick a user from the Corporation



  • Can promote players up to the rank of SuperOfficer
  • Can withdraw from the Corporation Bank
  • Can set the MoTD
  • Can demote Officers and below
  • Can kick a player from the Corporation



  • Can promote players up to the rank of Leader
  • Can demote SuperOfficers and below
  • Can set the MoTD
  • Can kick a player from the Corporation
  • Can set down/recall the Corporation's Garrison

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